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They say that a woman becomes a mother the moment that she finds out that she’s pregnant. Often enough, this is true. Most women will find themselves suddenly enraptured with a fierce, lioness-like protectiveness of the life that grows inside her. After all, whatever she ingests will have direct effects onto the life that her body is molding into a human being. It takes an impossible amount of strength to be able to harness that much energy but the female body has always been a marvel of a miracle.

However, this kind of creation has certain consequences that the mother needs to bear in order to properly carry the baby inside her. One of these side effects is heavy nausea that may be a serious deterrent for productivity, especially since a lot of women are professionals and need to keep working even during the early stages of their pregnancy. Being constantly sick cannot be something that they afford and so there are medications available so that they may better cope with the situation. Certain kinds of medication need to be given special warnings, however, as some pills may have harmful effects if they are consumed by pregnant women.

One of these drugs is Zofran. According to the website of Williams Kherkher, Zofran is a drug that contains ondansetron. This allows for certain areas to be blocked from serotonin – areas that, if triggered, could cause nausea. Originally, this was a drug that was often prescribed to people who went through chemotherapy procedures, as they experience inconvenient and unpleasant bouts of nausea as well. But the thing is, there have been several claims of pregnant women who have claimed that it was their consumption of this drug that resulted into their newborn children being born with birth defects such as congenital heart defects or cleft palates.