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When you get an injury – say that you were shot, for whatever reason – pressing down on the injury causes you to suffer more pain. Nobody would want to do that and these physical injuries can be treated, can be patched up, and can be saved. At most, there could be physical scars that mark the story of the injury on the skin forever. However, sometimes – the worst open wounds are the ones that nobody can see and these are things that often get overlooked the most.

Personal injury, thankfully, recognizes these wounds and hurts as valid injuries that require treatment and care as best as possible. The problem with acquired mental illnesses after an injury, unfortunately, is that the memories come flashing forward and perform the proverbial squeezing of the bullet hole, making everything hurt again. Different kinds of people can have altogether different kinds of triggers and to live with that constant fear of a panic attack or even a mental breakdown is not a secure thought to have.

Emotional trauma could have just as many consequences as that of a physical injury. Illnesses that affect the mind such as depression, anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder could severely alter one’s social skills as well as the performance of ordinary day to day tasks. It can require constant monitoring, medication, and cognitive therapy in order to cope with these disorders that are likely to touch on every single part of the victim’s life forever.

Trauma like this can be difficult to go through, which is why it is recommended that a professional with experience in handling situations like this. Someone who has the necessary know how on the objective logistics of the situation as well as the compassion and sympathy required for the circumstances could be of invaluable help.