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Big Pharma is the Next Big Personal Injury Lawsuit

Posted by on Nov 13, 2017 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

I think pharmaceutical companies are the next Big Tobacco.

Let me explain what I mean by Big Tobacco. Big Tobacco is a term for all the major cigarette companies that fought hard against recognizing the fact that cigarettes are harmful. These companies worked together for decades to hide just how dangerous their product was. They packaged cigarettes to be cool. They sold them with cartoons to attract children. They sold their product under the idea it was healthy for as long as possible, and even afterward, tried to sell it as great for relaxation, even though that was also untrue.

All of this, and they did it while knowing the whole time they were lying and their product was killing people.

That’s Big Tobacco.

And I think the pharmaceutical companies are next. Look, I live in a community with an opioid problem. I know people, some of them distant relatives, who are struggling with this. One of my second or third cousins had an accident at work, got prescribed pain medication for over a year, very strong opioids, and now can’t break the habit. Treating patients with opioids over a long period has turned many people into junkies, into criminals, and I bet the pharmaceutical companies knew about it all along.

After all, it’s been known for well over a century that opioids are addicting and need to be used responsibly in medicine. When did it become so easy to prescribe massive amounts of them with very little oversight? Why is this happening now and not four decades ago?

The reason is the pharmaceutical companies have been pushing these drugs. Just think of all those commercials you see on TV all the time for those new products. All those smiling people taking drugs that, if you listen to the little blurb at the end, can cause addiction, numerous horrible side effects, and death. In most countries, trying to sell drugs to consumers who are not doctors is illegal. It’s also illegal to send people to doctor’s offices trying to butter up doctors in order to get them to sell a new pill.

In this country, though, that’s all just fine. What I suspect is Big Pharma has known for a long time many of its drugs are highly addictive, and perhaps they’ve even purposefully made them more addictive, because what better way to grow sales than to create junkies who HAVE TO HAVE their product?

The only hope for this is to find some lawyers, like the attorneys of the Williams Kherkher Law Firm, who will fight Big Pharma the way they fought Big Tobacco. One or two big cases could crack this whole conspiracy wide open. Only then can we hope to see the decline in opioid addiction like we’ve seen in cigarette use. It’s only going to happen once we can force Big Pharma to admit, just like Big Tobacco did, that it’s a fraud.

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Fatal Car Accident

Posted by on Aug 3, 2017 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Car accidents occur at an alarming rate all across Canada. While some of these accidents happen due to unavoidable circumstances, many others are the result of another person’s reckless or negligent driving behaviors. Many drivers do not give all of their attention to driving because it is such a routine task. This leads people to talk on their phones, text, or become otherwise distracted at the wheel. However, these actions prevent drivers from being fully present on the road and cause serious accidents to occur. The Toronto Star reported on one such accident that occurred in Mississauga, in June of 2017.

The accident involved two cars traveling down Winston Churchill Blvd. just before 11 pm in mid-June. The driver of a Mazda was traveling south when it crossed the centerline and crashed into a northbound Mercedes. Although the Mazda only carried the driver, the Mercedes it hit had five total passengers. The accident was brutal and led to serious injuries as well as the death of three of the individuals involved. The Mazda’s driver was a 40-year-old man from Mississauga, who died on the scene. The two other individuals killed were a five-year-old boy and 13-year-old boy, who were passengers in the Mercedes. They passed away en route to the hospital. The other two passengers in the Mercedes were taken to the hospital in critical condition, and the Mercedes’ driver sustained minimal injuries. No information has been released and perhaps is not known, about what caused the Mazda’s driver to crash into the other vehicle.

The loss of any life is incredibly tragic, but it is perhaps even more so when it is the loss of such young children, who had their entire lives ahead of them. The families of both the boys killed in the accident must be feeling unimaginable pain at the loss of their children, and they are likely also frustrated and devastated that this loss was caused by another driver. Although we do not know the specifics of what caused the crash, it can be reasonably assumed that the driver at fault was not driving in a safe or careful manner. Whether he was on his phone, drunk driving, or fell asleep at the wheel ultimately does not matter, as whatever his actions were caused him to make such a dangerous move into oncoming traffic.

We will never be able to prevent all accidents that occur on the road, but as a country, we must work together to try to make care accidents less frequent. After an accident has occurred, there is very little we can do retrospectively to make the effects any better. However, families who have been the victim of reckless drivers do have the right to take action. Toronto car accident lawyers, such as Mazin & Associates P.C., can help individuals seek compensation for their physical, emotional, and financial losses after a crash and help them bring some justice to this tragic event. This financial gain cannot end the pain of what was lost, but it can help families maintain financial stability and begin to recover.

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Why Should I File for Personal Injury?

Posted by on Jul 19, 2015 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

You and your life are incredibly important contributors to society and to your local community. Your profession, for example, generates income and revenue for your own life, your company, and your country. Your existence is a necessary part of the equation to which this universe flows by. Therefore, if someone else injures you to the point of disability or wrongful, premature death – justice must be served. All men and women, after all, are made to be equal and it is important to uphold that right through every means necessary.

Personal injury is a branch of the law that deals with an injury that a person has suffered that was caused by the negligence of a guilty party. This act of negligence can either be willful or the party was entirely ignorant of the injury they may have caused – they are still liable to compensate for the damage they’ve done. This injury can also be of a mental or emotional nature, not just physical – these kinds of injuries are the likes of depression, anxiety, or even post-traumatic stress disorder, coming from the information stated on the website of the lawyers with LaMarca Law Group.

An injury that can cause this level of inconvenience – personally and financially, as some of the more obvious affected areas of life – requires significant amount of compensation. After all, the victim may require medical expenses as well as significant recovery time that may affect his or her income. Also, it is an incredibly traumatic and stressful experience to be injured by such an incident – and even more so to have to undergo legal procedures following this event. So really, filing for personal injury would allow for you to claim benefits and compensation that should grant you the necessary comforts and compensation that come with justice at the full extent of the law.

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What Are the Different Kinds of Personal Injury?

Posted by on Jul 15, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

In terms of legal jargon, “personal injury” is the term used to define an injury that has been done unto the person out of negligence. This negligence could either be willfully or ignorantly made and the guilty party would still have to be legally liable for the damage done unto the victim. The injury made can also be of a physical, mental, or emotional nature (or any combination of the three) to be considered as a case for personal injury.

Should every personal injury case be sought after? From some of the samples stated on the website of Ali Mokaram, it can be assumed that these need to be advised and handled on a case-to-case basis. For example: if an old woman accidentally hit you on the nose and your nose bled for a few minutes, you can (technically, presumably) file for a personal injury lawsuit since it fits into the description of the case. However, granted the enormous amounts of stress and time that a lawsuit takes (as well as the compensation involved for both parties), this is usually not recommended.

Lawsuits of this nature are often filed because of the kind of situation that resulted into injury. That is why the different kinds or subsets of personal injury are named the way they are.

A Danville personal injury lawyer could be familiar with different types of personal injury cases, including car accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, wrongful death, et cetera. However, it is not just the kind of case that matters but also the place that is involved. Not all personal injury cases fall under the protection of a federal law therefore, some significant changes from state to state are possible.

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Aftercare Following a Personal Injury

Posted by on Jul 11, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

One of the most important things to remember is that a person who has just suffered from an injury that has caused trauma and/or disability is comfort, sympathy, and help. After all, life is difficult enough as it is with all of the responsibilities that come with it and the like. After all, an injury can come with a whole host of different predicaments that extend beyond the physical effects such as emotional and mental trauma. And if this injury was inadvertently caused by the negligence of a guilty party, it is imperative to utilize legal action in order to gain recompense and justice for the wrong done to you.

Personal injury is, in fact (using information taken from the website of Ravid and Assoc), the commonly accepted terminology for any injury – physical, emotional, or mental (or any combination of the three) – that is utilized in law, should there be a guilty party (“defendant”) involved in the case. The guilty party would then be charged with penalties as well as liability to shoulder any and all expenses regarding the damage done to the victim.

However, some victims may opt to not consult a legal professional about these things out of fear of the stress of the legal process or even the cost. According to the website of the Law Offices of Jeff Benton, the responsibility of a personal injury lawyer lies beyond just that of a court room as they should take care of the victim’s needs just the same in order to make sure that they are recovering properly. In fact, a professional who has had experience with these things will have the resources and contacts necessary in order to make sure that the victim is cared for properly and is given only the best treatments possible.

Before you think on pursuing legal action, however, it is best to seek a consultation with an attorney first. A lot of law firms practice giving free consultations to potential clients as well as the deal of only getting paid if they win the case of you.

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Emotional Trauma

Posted by on Jul 9, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

When you get an injury – say that you were shot, for whatever reason – pressing down on the injury causes you to suffer more pain. Nobody would want to do that and these physical injuries can be treated, can be patched up, and can be saved. At most, there could be physical scars that mark the story of the injury on the skin forever. However, sometimes – the worst open wounds are the ones that nobody can see and these are things that often get overlooked the most.

Personal injury, thankfully, recognizes these wounds and hurts as valid injuries that require treatment and care as best as possible. The problem with acquired mental illnesses after an injury, unfortunately, is that the memories come flashing forward and perform the proverbial squeezing of the bullet hole, making everything hurt again. Different kinds of people can have altogether different kinds of triggers and to live with that constant fear of a panic attack or even a mental breakdown is not a secure thought to have.

Emotional trauma could have just as many consequences as that of a physical injury. Illnesses that affect the mind such as depression, anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder could severely alter one’s social skills as well as the performance of ordinary day to day tasks. It can require constant monitoring, medication, and cognitive therapy in order to cope with these disorders that are likely to touch on every single part of the victim’s life forever.

Trauma like this can be difficult to go through, which is why it is recommended that a professional with experience in handling situations like this. Someone who has the necessary know how on the objective logistics of the situation as well as the compassion and sympathy required for the circumstances could be of invaluable help.

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